Prevention better than cure

It’s always best to ensure that you keep on top of the maintenance on your bike to keep possible mechanicals to a minimum. as the last thing anyone wants to be doing is fixing their steed in the cold at the side of the road.

5 quick checks will help to keep mechanicals on the road away.

1. Check tyres for any bits of road debris that are embedded into the tyre and remove. A normal spin of the wheel with a gloved hand over should remove majority. Also check the tyre pressure is correct to suit road conditions and rider weight.
Worn tyres are also likely to puncture quite easily over the winter, so best to get them changed sooner rather than later.
2.Check brake pads for wear, grit and debris.  On the winter roads debris makes it way up and in to your brake pads. So checking that the area between your pads and rim is a must if you want to give your rims a longer life. That gritty noise when you brake is a good indication that you need to clean this mentioned area out and checking for metal shards embedded in to the pads.

3. Checking the cables  on your bike. It is recommended the cables are all changed on the bike at least once per year, twice per year if riding quite regularly. Old worn cables will result in poor braking and poor gear changing, possible even failure depending on the wear of the cable.

4.Drive chain – Keep you drive chain clean and lubricated. After each ride wipe the chain over with an old rag, if you have some degreaser get some of that on there whilst wiping over the chain. Then use a dry, clean part of the rag to get as much of the degreaser off as possible, then use a lubricant on your chain.

5. Ensure bolts are tight. Starting from the front of the bike ensure the wheel is securely in place. The stem bolts are tight enough (don’t over tighten), No movement in brake calipers from mounting bolt, seat post bolt, rear brake mounting bolt, front derailleur, rear wheel and rear derailleur. Check for torque settings for the bolts so they are not over tightened and cause damage.

One last thing….  If riding at night check your lights work before going out!

Happy riding!!
Mobile Bike Repair

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